About Us

In The Service Of Mankind

A Sincere and dedicated efforts was made to establish a company for expension. Expending the name of company in all over the India to finish unemployment and improve good health free from diseases to market product which are natural and far-far away from man made chemicals which is harmful for the society and get person dependent day by day. MLCC range of health, and office branches are the outcome of the vision and far brightedness of Mr. Riyaz Hussian (M.D. MLCC) to fulfil the dream of serving the mankind with natural products without any sideeffects. MLCC strives for complete health and beauty through its products. One specially formulated by the expert team after year of Research.Stringent quality checks are made for all the products at each and every steps to ensure highest quality standards before the products goes into the consumer hand.

Consistant Quality, Reliability Service Trust, Customer Satisfaction,Good Will, are the key factors by which we have earned the complete trust of our valued Customer's. We have grown marvellously and are still moving ahead by leaps and bounds . The manufacture and packing of all the products is done at the form site itself. All Products are free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. The same are said by our customer's too MLCC it is our constant endevour to give you the best our dedicated team, manager's, Trainer's, Trainee's Executives, help you in reaching out for our quality products.The result and the cost is satisfactory for the customer.Our company is here for the expansion and for the development growth of the company we are opening our branches, offices, shopee's in all over India in the states and in the districts of all J&K States.

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